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AES provides affordable and reliable energy to customers around the world through its distribution businesses and thermal and renewable power generation facilities.1/31/2014 10:41 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeAES
The Afrifresh Group is one of South Africa's top producers, with large Citrus and Grape production at its strong base. 2/26/2014 3:46 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaAfrifresh
Akulu Marchon (Akulu) supplies chemical raw materials and value-adding services to the cosmetics, toiletry and detergent industries in South Africa and Southern Africa.1/30/2014 3:38 PMNo presence informationTamarine JonesAkulu Marchon
Altech Netstar pioneered the stolen vehicle tracking and recovery industry in South Africa, and is the market leader in terms of size, product range, and an unsurpassed private recovery infrastructure.1/31/2014 10:45 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeAltech Netstar
Altitude Leisure Wear is one of the largest suppliers of corporate and promotional wear in South Africa.1/31/2014 10:48 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeAltitude Leisure Wear
Astrapak are manufacturers and distributors of an extensive range of rigid and flexible plastic packaging products.1/31/2014 10:52 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeAstrapak
Brenner Mills is one of the leading branded food companies in South Africa. We are involved in the maize milling industry, the manufacturing of animal feeds, as well as the mixing and packaging of grain related products. Our leading brands are Shaya, Cup 2/26/2014 3:46 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaBrenner Mills
BSi Steel Limited is a publicly listed steel company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is involved in the sourcing, processing, stocking and distribution of carbon steel products across South Africa and the rest of Africa.1/31/2014 10:55 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeBSI Steel
CCS Logistics owns and operates ten cold storage warehouse facilities in the major centres and harbours of South Africa and Namibia.1/31/2014 10:59 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeCCS Logistics
The Clientèle Limited Group is a diversified financial services group, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is one of South Africa's leading direct distributors of financial service products. Over the past 20 years it has been successful in offer2/26/2014 3:50 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaClientele
Coffee  Management Services Ltd (CMS) is a leading agri-business service provider,  offering farm management services to the coffee industry in Kenya and the wider  East African region.1/31/2014 11:00 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeCoffee Management Services
Coleus Packaging is the sole manufacturer of metal bottle crowns in South Africa with a plant in South Africa and a joint venture, Coleus Crowns, began in Uganda five years ago.1/31/2014 11:02 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeColeus
The Davis & Shirtliff Group is the leading supplier of water related equipment in the East African region.1/31/2014 11:04 AMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeDavis & Shirtliff
Dew Crisp's group operations include : large scale farming & procurement, state of the art processing and packing supported by effective logistics and distribution , all carried out under strict cold chain management5/27/2014 2:19 PMNo presence informationRichard LeggeDew Crisp
Diamond's Discount Liquor was founded 1968 and originally traded as a family business. The Diamond's Discount Liquor vision is to become a national chain and to align itself with a national supermarket retailer.2/6/2014 1:02 PMNo presence informationLouw FoucheDiamond's Discount Liquor
Since 1973, Efekto has been helping gardeners to create beautiful, bountiful and balanced gardens.2/26/2014 3:54 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaEfekto fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
Eqstra is an integrated leasing and capital equipment group with value-added services in the passenger and commercial vehicle, industrial equipment and construction and mining markets.1/31/2014 1:50 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeEqstra
Euro Steel is South Africa’s premier stockist and distributor of stainless steel, special steels, aluminium and other corrosion resisting materials – all in almost every commercially available form. 1/31/2014 1:51 PMNo presence informationZubair Mamoojee Steel
Fruitways specialise in the growing, packing and marketing of apples and pears to selected retailers and wholesalers around the globe.2/26/2014 3:55 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaFruitways
GSA is Southern Africa's most established window, float and mirror glass supplier and distributor, focused on providing exceptional glass solutions7/28/2014 9:45 AMNo presence informationRichard LeggeGSA
Golden Penny Foods has been associated with healthy and nourishing food for years, and now the brand has decided to take a step further by creating an online community for healthy food lovers.1/31/2014 1:53 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeGolden Penny Foods
J.M. Goupille is a well-known and respected regional distributor of quality products from prestigious international brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Elba and Zanussi. 2/6/2014 1:55 PMNo presence informationLouw FoucheGoupille
Great Brands Nigeria Limited is NIGERIA’S LEADING CONSUMER PRODUCT SALES AND DISTRIBUTION company1/31/2014 1:54 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeGreat Brands
Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid, HIJRA is an international African humanitarian organization focused solely on providing sustainable and realistic mechanisms of intervention for Refugee's and IDP's in Kenya and South Central Somalia.2/6/2014 1:54 PMNo presence informationLouw FoucheHijra
Hinges and Hardware is a leading service provider in the Hardware industry in South Africa.1/31/2014 1:59 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeHinges & Hardware
At HomeChoice, we are committed to ensuring outstanding levels of quality, style, and innovation across our diverse product range which includes bedding, curtains, towels, cookware, dinnerware, appliances, electronics, luggage and furniture.2/26/2014 3:57 PMNo presence informationJackie BothaHomeChoice
Aluminium supplier, Hulamin, supplies aluminium products to Africa and the world, located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.7/28/2014 9:46 AMNo presence informationRichard LeggeHulamin
Currently, it is the largest poultry producer in Zambia with state-of-the-art hatcheries and breeder farms situated in Lusaka and the Copperbelt.1/31/2014 2:00 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeHybrid
IDEALS is an independent chain of cash retail clothing stores owned by the Jadwat family of Durban.1/31/2014 3:53 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeIdeals
Imfuyo is a BEE company importing Faiveley Door Mechanisms and manufacturing locally Train Door Leafs.1/31/2014 2:05 PMNo presence informationZubair MamoojeeImfuyo
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