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Accessible and Secure Data with Karabina and IronTree

Karabina Software has extended its range of solutions to include an off-site backup service from IronTree. The aim of the partnership is to offer our existing and new customers a comprehensive cloud-based service for data backup and protection. The addition to our Karabina Software range complements the extensive Business Analysis and Reporting tools that we already offer.  This offering allows our customers to back up their data online, to an independent and mirrored data centre.
At Karabina Software we aim to deliver the best possible solutions and services to our customers to enable their businesses. The fusion between IronTree and Karabina Software was born from our joint interest in enabling customers to manage and utilise their data more efficiently. By combining our data warehouse automation functionality with the automated backup process provided by IronTree, we guarantee our customers have accurate and up-to-date data that is secured and backed up, ensuring data is always available to the business.
How do you benefit?

This new offering, automates the full backup process and thereby eliminates human error. This ensures your business data is current, secure and accessible 24-hours-a-day, from any location. This tool provides you with a data backup of your Business Analytics or Jet Reports databases and servers with data recovery following disaster, theft, deletion, hardware failure or any other kind of loss. The data protection provided by this tool will protect your system from viruses, spam, malware, theft, and by using web filtering, disk security and social media management.

“Through numerous customer engagements we realised that many of our customers don’t have backup facilities, nor do they adequately plan around securing their data. As we focus on enabling customers to utilise their data correctly, we felt it was important to offer an additional solution to ensure data continuity in the event of a hardware failure, theft or any event where your data is lost.” Heath Turner, Director, Karabina Software

Businesses do not realise the cost involved in data recovery exercises, or the impact of decreased productivity when data is lost. Should your business lose its critical data that is used to make critical business decisions, would you know what impact it would have on your business? Without a continuity plan in place or a disaster recovery plan, you need to consider implementing a tool or plan to store and secure your data.

If you have invested in a solution from Karabina Software, you are already an ideal candidate to utilise this additional service to secure your data. Your data warehouse that has been provisioned to automatically consolidate your data, will be backed up using the new solution. This will ensure long-term continuity of your data with the ability to access historical and current data, should something happen to your system.

About Karabina Software
Karabina - Microsoft’s top BI partner for 10 years - has been designing and implementing business information systems for over 14 years with 100’s of projects successfully delivered across Africa. Karabina Software’s Business Analytics solution has been optimised for various ERP and Payroll systems. It is an easy to use, yet sophisticated reporting and analytics product, delivering rapid time-to-value for business users to immediately access their data through a number of pre-built industry models, reports and dashboards. Get answers quickly and remove the complexity of reporting with Business Analytics from Karabina.

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