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Signet, Providing a Single Golden Record of your Data
SIGNET is a data management application that enables your business to quickly and easily consolidate multiple records of either your Customer, Product, Account or Employee data into a reliable and updated golden record, which can be used across your organisation and its systems.

 Remove the Duplicate:

  • Employees from your Workforce data.
  • Companies or Contacts from your Customer Service data.
  • Customers & Prospects from your Marketing data.
  • Items from your Stock and Product data.
  • Suppliers from your Supplier data.

Organisations need to manage their Duplicate Data

Duplicates of data exist in all organisations; whether they are created manually by users at multiple touch-point; automatically through the setup of different systems; or exist because of varying product-naming conventions used across business areas. The management and deduplication of records such as Customers, Products, Suppliers, People or Account data is critical in order to ensure data accuracy.

Your Business may need Signet if:  

  • Data is being used to drive business decisions
  • Your data is considered to be a competitive advantage
  • Updating & optimising customer data is a high-priority
  • The accuracy and quality of your data is constantly being questioned


SIGNET – the innovative product providing you with a Golden Record!