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Visual analytics for everyone 

Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence software lets everyone in your organization analyze and understand their data far faster than any other solution and at a fraction of their costs and resources. 

People see and understand data, reports and dashboards faster through our unique, easy-to-use visual analytics technology. They discover key trends and outliers that would otherwise be impossible to find using typical business intelligence solutions. Because they’re in the driver’s seat, they work 10 to 100 times faster with Tableau. They can share web-based dashboards, reports and graphics with a few clicks. The result of Tableau’s rapid-fire, interactive business intelligence? Better decisions made faster. New opportunities identified. Revenue increased. Costs saved. Company value improved.
There is no need for lengthy and expensive deployment projects. Your organization can benefit from Tableau’s visual analytics, business intelligence, dashboard and reporting capabilities within minutes of downloading the software. 
See and understand your data differently: 
  • Faster, easier data discovery - work with databases and spreadsheets of any size
  • Direct connect and go - live data connection for up-to-the-minute changes
  • Perfect data mashups - combine multiple data sources in one view
  • Ease of use that gives you chills - drag-and-drop to create rich visualizations
  • Interactive reporting dashboards - combine multiple views into a dashboard
  • Analytics on the web and everywhere - develop in minutes, share to thousands 

Create rich analyses and share your insights with colleagues in seconds. Watch the Video
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