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Sales Performance

The global increase in competition and customer expectations has led to a year-on-year increase in sales cycles and significantly more dependency on the expertise of the sales individual to win business. Sales Performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your sales environment to be more effective by guiding sales professionals through methodology-based opportunity management and account planning processes focusing on the crucial acquisition and retention processes to drive effective customer management and to boost sales.

With Sales Performance for Dynamics CRM your business can improve overall revenue and sales effectiveness by:

  • driving repeatable behavior amongst sales professionals to produce better results
  • deploying a customisable best practice sales methodology to help the sales team focus on doing the right things at the right time
  • formalising the account management activities to generate more business and improve customer loyalty
  • quickly detecting active and latent performance opportunities, sales individuals and customers

Key Benefits:

  • Businesses that have implemented Sales Performance for Dynamics CRM have:
    • improved sales revenue by focusing on the right opportunities at the right time
    • improved sales forecasting through the improved visibility of prospects in the various stages
    • reduced time spent on sales training and coaching
    • improved customer loyalty
  • Enables decision makers to access critical information throughout the sales process
  • Drives improves effectiveness of sales professionals

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